Innovative methodology on skills development

An innovative methodology on skills development offering important advantages and self-awareness to people seeking to shift job positions (soft skills: leadership, open minded and adaptive to the new needs / conditions). Learners will be challenged to go through an experiential process of prototyping new habits to become more effective in the jobs shifts they are facing, through observation and coaching.

New training material

A new training program based on an innovative management concept developed from real life inputs and totally customized (new content – interactive case studies, and new methodology – prototyping and Mood Explosion Simulator (another experiential support facilitating a decision making process in a people’s management context).

Database and benchmarking

A knowledge bank structure with previous jobs transitions allowing new trainees to determine the success probability of their job mobility.

Online real time feedback

A Barometer tracking individual’s performances / choices on the field after the training, in order to reinforce new habits, refreshing training contents through online real time feedback. Structural personal changes (attitudes and beliefs) need reinforcement to be consolidated. After the training and coaching, the Barometer is used by each participant to assess and refresh their choices according to the changes they were challenged to implement to reach a more “modern” mindset.

Comprehensive toolkit

All the above packaged under a toolkit offering skills development, job mobility, enhancing ICT skills and finally levitating the productive quality of the printing sector.

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

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