The European printing industry faces new challenges and constant changes that need to be addressed; the global market, the never ending ICT developments and the increasing costs of production in Europe (specifically energy, raw materials and labor costs) are three of many other trends that impose to increase the sector’s competitive advantages and to upgrade the sectors employees’ skills.

 A survey on printing sector’s skill gap was conducted by the consortium of Inminds project, funded by Erasmus+ program.

From the responses it seems that printers from the five countries (Poland, Greece, Uk, Germany, Italy) are customer focused and they are cared about customer complaints. Most of them dedicate time for personal development and in some countries seem to be able to measure performance against targets. However, there could be improvement in lots of their skills. In most surveyed countries, printers do not propose often new ideas. “Research for new materials and/or techniques” is a weak point though in almost all countries printers like to know about new solutions/ideas. Most printers do not propose solutions based on trends in external environment.

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Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

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