The people who attended this workshop again found the topics in the toolkit the right ones to focus on to give the skills to their employees as did the previous group on the 16th August. We encouraged the attendees to be critical of the material so that we could consider changes before it went to the next stage.

The attendees had a chance to view the toolkit via regional board meetings and their URL’s prior to the workshop. The feedback from this group was very varied as some had used a number of training providers in the past.

As this was a smaller group there was more discussion on the skills and delivery of training going forward. The main result of this meeting was for the toolkit to be made in a number of formats, online, delivered by the BPIF, or delivered internally by a company employee. It was expected by the group that the BPIF would fund this toolkit, and members would access it through the BPIF Website.

It was agreed that the toolkit should be regularly updated using new techniques and good practice. Although no one wished to pay for the toolkit on a monthly basis, there was a feeling that it should not be too cheap as this would ‘de-value’ the toolkit.

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