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    “Innovative Mindset: Bridging the Skills Shortage of the European Printing Industry” is a project financed by the European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport, called Erasmus +.

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Printing sector

Traditional print media is a declining sector. Printing companies in Europe require adaptable, multi-skilled workers who can operate new technology equipment, analyze problems, make decisions, work cooperatively and enjoy a clearer understanding of the entire printing production process.

In this changing world restructuring and reorientation of Printing Industries is urgent. Developing a new mindset in all levels of hierarchy and not just new technological skills is the right path to change.

The skills gap and the demand of knowledge and knowhow on digital printing techniques that were not previously required, are the new challenges of the European printing industry.


InMinds stimulates the capacity of the printing (publishing) sector human resource towards lifelong learning practices in order to become more competitive, productive and adaptive to the constant developments of the ICT sector.

Target groups

  • Printing sector’ workers, employers & SMEs,
  • National agencies involved in Vocational Education and Training and Continuous Vocational Education and Training (VET/CVET),
  • Employment services, Policy makers at a local, regional, national and European level,
  • Training providers, Educational institutions and Lifelong Learning Institutes.


Develop an innovative methodology and training toolkit that will assist printing companies to achieve transformation from traditional operations to new media era.

Support the shift of Employers and Employees skills of the European Printing Sector, to new ones emerging from innovative technologies and tools, while improving their understanding of the rapidly changing market realities.

Specific Objectives

The aim will be achieved by gradually completing each of the individual objectives:

  • Creation of a standard of profile of the printing industries that best changed their operations to new media
  • Development of a “marketing” mindset to support the transition / adaptability that changing operations will demand from people who are confronted with this need (training program)
  • Production of a unique and innovative monitoring ICT system to track people's new learning -after training- in the field and assist them to the shifts they have to implement in order to reach success (Barometer).
  • Construction of a knowledge bank with the data gathered from questionnaire / barometer / projects, in order to be able to estimate the degree of probability of the desired changes.
  • Provision of stakeholders and policy makers with input on the skills needed in the modern printing industry and contribute to the creation of standards regarding those skills.
  • Elaboration of a Replication Guide which will be used by other industries that face similar challenges with the printing industry.

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

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